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{ First phase of the project }

Activities carried out


Medical institutions selected to participate in the pilot project / patient registration are:
1. University Hospital of Traumatology, Zagreb,
2. Clinical Hospital Dubrava, Zagreb.

Approvals from the ethics committees of the selected hospitals (University Hospital of Traumatology and Dubrava University Hospital) were received and the pilot project / patient registration began.

The personnel for data collection / patient registration was selected and educated.

The team at each institution involved in the pilot project registration consisted of: a physician (coordinator in an institution), a medical nurse (collection of prospective data and checking new admissions) and four medical students (collection of historical data).

Registration questionnaire is based on the Norwegian model, and adapted during the pilot registration, within retrospective data collection, to be further used in prospective registration of patients with self-inflicting injuries and suicide attempts.

Retrospective data collection was performed within the hospitals’ databases as identification of the patients who were admitted to the hospital during the last couple of months preceding the start of the project.

After the adaptation of the registration module based on the retrospective registration a prospective patient registration started.

Database was developed for data collected by retrospective and further prospective registration of patients with self-inflicted injuries and suicide attempts. A safe central data depository site was established.

At the end of the first phase, within the 3 months of retrospective and further prospective patient registration around 600 registration forms were filled in, and among them data from around 350 were entered into the electronic database, belonging to the patients recognized and assessed as those who committed act of self-harm or suicide attempt. De-identified pilot data from the retrospective and prospective patient registration were prepared for analysis.


At the CNIPH epidemiological analysis of the existing data on suicide was performed. Database of hospitalized patients together with mortality bases was searched. Cross-matching between suicide register and hospitalization database was performed to identify frequency of previous acts of self-harm and see the patterns of the hospital services utilized one year prior to the suicidal act.

For each identified individual the information on discharge diagnosis, sex and age was registered. All hospitalizations preceding suicide were registered with admission and discharge data. Analysis was performed from 2002 to 2004. The year 2004 was used as a reference year. Data on suicidal acts regarding age and sex for time period between 2000 and 2004 were presented.

The Epidemiological Report as the 1st phase project output was prepared. It is planned to be published for dissemination.

A preparation of the first scientific paper based on some interesting topics from the CNIPH epidemiological analysis is in progress.


Two CME (Continuing Medical Education) seminars were organized within the 1st phase of the project. The education was organized in cooperation with the Croatian Association for Clinical Psychiatry at the Croatian Medical Association.

Activities in progress

A preparation of the first scientific paper based on some interesting topics from the epidemiological analysis is in progress.

Preparation of the second scientific paper “Cross-matching of 5-year (2000-2004) data period” (by Croatian National Institute of Public Health, Center for Disaster Management and Norwegian Institute of Public Health) is in progress and the draft is prepared.

The third scientific paper: “Presentation of the Results of Pilot Project” is planned to be written.

Prospective patient registration is continuing.