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{ Second phase of the project }

Activities carried out and in progress


The data and experiences from the pilot project (patient registration) were analyzed and the registration module was adapted.

Prospective patient registration is in progress.


After the epidemiological analysis of the 1st phase of the project, a proposal was submitted by the CNIPH experts for an additional sub-project with the following title: “Regional differences in social and medical characteristics of persons who committed suicide in the Republic of Croatia 2002-2006”. Activities for the sub-project are in process.

For the proposed sub-project activities additional members from the CNIPH were included in the Working Group of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.


For the 2nd phase of the project two CME seminars were organized and carried out.


Design of intervention program: In the 2nd phase it is planned to develop intervention model for community-based patient follow-ups in order to use the information and experience from this project to improve suicide prevention policies and activities.

Following the patient registration an intervention is conducted: contact information is given to a patient to contact project associates if he/she agrees to be followed up. If the patient does not make contact on his own, he/she is going to be contacted by the project associates several times. If the patient is willing, he/she is invited to come for a follow-up with either a physician/psychiatrist or psychologist, at the Brain Research Institute at the Medical School at the University of Zagreb or at the psychiatric hospital, and a series of follow-up meetings will be conducted.